Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Present for Presleigh.....

Recently I attended an art retreat in Waxahachie, Texas. I spent three wonderful days meeting the most interesting women, all interested in furthering their knowledge of various art forms.
However, the most fun I experienced was meeting the two children who attended the event...eleven year old Landon and nine year old Presleigh. Landon happened to be the grandson of a classmate and Presleigh the daughter of one of my instructors.

I came to "know" these youngsters on a Saturday evening while most attendees were shopping for "that perfect bauble" at the vendor show. I adore yammering with young never knows what will pop out of their mouths during an extended conversation...and these two didn't disappoint! I soon realized that Presleigh reminded me soooo much of myself in my younger days...constantly on the move...never at a loss for words...and supremely at home in the company of boys. Not far into our conversation she imparted that her sole purchase at the vendor show had been a book that dealt with the Orient. I soon came to realize this same book had been held up as a "sample" in one of my classes..."oh to be able to purchase such a book!" I thought at the time. My head had been literally swimming with ideas of what I would do if the book belonged to me...LOL

Little did I know that the instructor would eventually put it up for sale with her other wares, and that out of all the people scavenging the vast array of trinkets, ephemera, glitter, jewels, hardware, you name was there....that a nine year old girl would manage to uncover the one book I found fascinating....I was gobsmacked by her choice.

Sooooo...not wanting to be a sore loser...I decided to embrace my new found friend's wise purchase and reward her with a little gift from my heart and hands. This "new" tag book is for you, Presleigh...I've no idea what in blazes you'll do with your "old" book, but I'm confident it will be simply amazing.
, Whether you choose to alter it, create pockets amongst its pages, fill it up with tags or simply leave it as the author intended...a tome to be read and enjoyed...I know you'll make the right choice little one!
just me...having felt like a nine year old again, if only for an evening...jan