Saturday, July 7, 2012

Le Tour, Olympic Trials, Crafting, Canton, Doll Heads, Agatha Raisin, and oh yeah...I Didn't Die!!!

  Whew!  What a week it's been!  I've been zoomin' gang.  Guess I'd better begin by noting that I made it through my surgery without dyin'!  Didn't think anyone would seriously take notice of my rotator cuff adventure...but when one gets email from Pinterest followers wonderin' what the dealio is...whether I've gone toes up or not, well, I guess that tells me I need to post a tad more often!

   Yeah, things went well surgery-wise.  I've now been through five weeks of therapy...I can beat the crappola out of anyone with a two pound weight!  Ummm...yes, you can say it, I'm NOT dangerous...yet!  It's gonna be about a year they tell me before things are back to normal...ACK!!!!  But I've regained full mobility and that is somethin' to be proud of, so I'm givin' myself gold stars for that.  

   During my "down time" I spent a ton of time reading...thank GAWD for the fact I have two Nooks!  While one was charging, I was burnin' up the other.  I'm goin' through an English murder mystery phase.  Somehow, after plowing through 8 or 9 random reads, I discovered MC Beaton's "Agatha Raisin"...the character is a total scream and I'm now deep into book 19 or 20...bemoaning the fact that there are only a few left to read..."snakes and bastards!" as Agatha would say...I'll probably have to jump over to her "Hamish McBeth" series next.  If you're interested in a delightful tale that's also a quick read, give Beaton a won't be disappointed!

   On other fronts...I've been attempting to complete some crafting projects, namely the fabric book I started with KC Willis.  I took the class with several sweet friends, all of whom have completed their books ages ago.  The following photos show "my" version of KC's style:

this is my cover...a few bits and bobs given to me from classmates
I call the first two pages my "mother of pearl" pages

these MOP pages were the first ones I worked on in class...took a bit of time to get in the swing of things!
I found a number of the embellishments for the above page in Canton...GREAT place for items like this!
a bit of glitz and glam via Ebay, antique shops, and The Gilded Girls kits!
again, more vintage pieces found at Canton for the above page
this is one of my favorite pages...I just like the way it came together
a rather "soft" looking page...a key to remembrance
could she get any more prim and proper????   I ask you!!!!
oh!!!  this sweet young thing with the virginal apron...ummm...that cigar band in the mother of pearl buckle states "officer's club"...yes...she's really a tart from long ago!  who did she think she was foolin'!!!!
these two gals are go-getters...the little charm says "take the road less traveled"...they've shopped at Eiband's in Galveston, TX and bought milk in Crocket City, Ohio...the two of them DON'T waste time!!!!
this sweet young thing is dreamin' of what's next...and so am I!!!
   Once I got my book completed I figured I needed to replenish some of my crafting crappola and headed out to Canton with fellow nutball Cindy Craine.  We thumbed our noses at 100 degree weather, lathed on sun screen, and commenced to yammerin' and barterin' with vendors under a Texas sun that could sear steaks on concrete.  Below you will find my pickings for the day.  Oh my!!!           
I'm not even gonna say what I spent on this pile of crappola...the lot of it is STILL sittin' on the floor in my "store" room....GAWD....who knows when I'll get it sorted and tucked into appropriate storage spots!
 OH HO!!!!  Can you see it?  Right there in the center of all that hot mess????  Can it be????  NO!  She didn't!!!  She wouldn't!!!!  Holy Crappola Batman!!!  YES!  I DID!!!!  I BOUGHT A FREAKIN' DOLL HEAD!  I can't believe it...I actually caved and bought one!  Although Cindy said it really doesn't count as an "official" doll head 'cuz it's not creepy doesn't have eyeballs that roll into the back of it's head, it isn't cracked anywhere, and it's not just plain ugleeeee.  But "doll head" is "doll head" in my mind and I feel I've completely crossed over into the dark side ranks formed by these mixed media women...GAWD...there can't be a LOWER level of dark side just for those enamoured of creepazoid doll heads can there?  If so, I don't believe I want to find out!

   Lastly, I've spent time in front of the boob tube watchin' Olympic trials and the start of this years' Tour de France.   I adore watching athletes push themselves to the ultimate limit in order to attain a personal dream. This year I'm givin' snaps to Dara Torres, 45, who attempted to make the swim team for a SIXTH time.  I was a swimmer in my youth (back when God was a child) and I marvel at the fighting form that woman has managed to maintain.  Sheesh!  If I EVEN attempted to crawl into a tank suit today I'd more than likely put out my left eyeball when errant latex might snap back in refusal while I  vainly tried to slide it over one fat thigh...much less a bouncing buttock!

   Le Tour 2012 is well underway...horrific crashes this first week have peeled skin on many and taken several riders out of the competition...something no one ever wants to see.  Many say "it's just a bike race" that I say "POSH!"  For the life of me I have NO idea what drives these athletes to  punish themselves for three weeks solid.  I don't pretend to know anything about the technicalities of cycling, however I'm absolutely fascinated by not only the physical strength required in the sport, but the mental engineering each peddler must possess...oftentimes at split second speed.  Witnessing teams work together to maneuver their "star" into perfect position is akin to watching fine ballet moves.  And all of the drama taking place at rather high speeds...with no padding for and makes for rather thrilling viewing.  This year I'm hoping England's Bradley Wiggins takes top reason...well, it would be a nice nod for the queen's jubilee wouldn't it?!??

just me...STILL watchin' the Tour from the couch, NOT trapped on a bike in a trainer...jan


  1. Batman! You did get some good stuff in Canton. I hope I didn't kill you dragging you all over the place! I'm so glad you put your book in a post, it really turned out beautiful!!! Now we need to get tgether and do Lisa's book. I'm determined to finish those projects sitting on my desk!! Hang in there with your torture chamber sessions. xxoxox-cindy

  2. Hi Jan, I LOVE your book!! It is BeAutiFull! I am sure glad you didn't keel over in the heat of Canton too! Hope to see ya...but I don't know when!!

  3. Hi Jan,
    your book turned out gorgeous.Love it.
    Thanks for playing in my giveaway - good luck.

  4. Hi Jan, your fabric book is absolutely stunning! Great finds at Canton too, always a great place to find treasures. Have a great day.