Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create ain't pretty but it's organized!

Sooo I decided to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else and join the party this year...MASSIVE groan!  When I made the decision I was feelin' all puffed up and rarin' to go...I think Dawn over at Feathered Nest got me all amped into thinkin' I could get my two rooms lookin' like sumthin' the rest of y'all have...GAWD what a massive mistake THAT was! 

I've been pushin' myself weekly through physical therapy to recover from rotator cuff surgery...things have been goin' peachy until this week...hit a snag with the freakin' two pound weights...holy crappola batman! My left arm feels like it's been ripped out of it's socket!  ROFLOL  So draggin' out bits and bobs to "pretty up" my rooms like everyone else just wasn't in the cards.  THEN my dang dog decided to sleep in the small of my back last night...result?  I'm gimpin' around like Gabby Hayes!!!!  I kid you not folks!  If it weren't for walls, banisters, and furniture to clasp onto I'd be flat on my keister!  Yet with all of that goin' on I STILL picked up my camera and plowed on, spending around two and a half hours snapping photos of just how wonderfully organized I am...or anal retentive to those who know me well.  Happy with the results, I snapped open the film card slot to find it EMPTY!!! read it film!  So I dragged my behinder downstairs...18 steps...groaning the entire way and commenced to shoving two packages of coconut snoballs into my jaws before I could tramp back up those 18 steps to get the following shots.  They're not the best...I didn't have a lot of time...the freakin' battery died on me.  Soooo if it's "pretty" you want to see, well, head over to Dawn's blog...her entry is LOADED with cha cha snaps!!!  Me?  I'm into sorting, sifting, boxing etc. and then draggin' out my label maker.  I'm the only one I know who buys label maker tape by the ream!

Left hand side of my desktop...LOVE the counterspace!
yeah...that's one honkin' big monitor isn't it?  ROFLOL
Gotta have my printers!  And yes, I have to check out what Napoleon Dynamite says daily!!
 I like to store my "daily grab and use" tools in depression glass pieces...they're pretty hardy  containers!
In this tall cabinet I store needlework and lacemaking supplies on the upper shelves.  The plastic stacked bins are "kitted up" scrapbooking projects that are ready to go whenever I get to them!
This cabinet stores all my collection of ink pads...sorted according to brand and type...naturally! 
Lacemaking books and assorted "tear sheet" binders
Necessary tools for paperwork that I wouldn't dream of adding to the clutter on my desktop.
My "punch drawer" to hold my favorite punches.  I also have a pull out work surface and a specially designed drawer to house 12 x 12 hanging files for paper's PRIMO!!
This alcove in my office has been a bit of a challenge.  I've yet to get draperies commissioned for the window, but thanks to Pinterest I know what I want!!!  The furniture houses assorted vintage linens, gloves, flowers, coin purses, and glass pieces.  The bin on the bottom contains ALL of the doilies and crafting laces I possess...don't laugh...I've only been in the mixed media game for a short time!!!
A few items I actually crafted myself...the bird on the box created at a Gilded Life event...the felted crown on the left at the last Paper Cowgirls' event.
Charlottes and buttons...can there ever be enough???
My "comfy" chair...still searching for the perfect side table!  A bit of Feathered Nest's artwork on the door, a sweet bit of glittered petite ballet shoes made with Lisa McIllvain...and some of my own ribbonwork.
A ribbon gallette...I love making these little things!
My beadwork cabinet
I use beads for LOTS of spangle lacemaking bobbins, enhance embroidery and ribbonry, work into paper creations and now toss into the mixed media game...the uses are endless!
Just a little sumthin' I created...hearts with Vicki Stevenson and a resin piece with Leslie Venable.
Into my "Store" room...this is where I house the brunt of my supplies...that's why I call this room "Jan's Store"!  EVERYTHING in here is labeled!!!!  If it weren't I'd never be able to find it!  Between Elfa (and the rest of the crappola that the Container Store sells) and my P-Touch label maker I'm a happy camper!!
These plastic storage drawers house paper collections along with coordinating embellishments.  The central drawers without white labeled fronts hold unfinished projects...yes...I'm groaning!!!
The easiest way I know of to store ribbon...try it...EVERYONE has an old hall tree for pity's sake!!!!
Self-explanatory...the white boxes house needlework threads and silk ribbons...all labeled of course!
Center drawers house scrapbooking supplies...lower shelves: scrapbooking and artwork supplies.
Another work surface with scrapbooking tools.  Cabinet and drawers house art as well as office supplies.

And that covers my two rooms I said, it ain't pretty...but it's organized...well...until I tear into it when workin' on a project...then it looks like a disaster!  But then y'all know what's that's like don't ya??!!?

just me...takin' my gimpy self down those 18 steps for some coffee!...jan


  1. I've decided you need to teach your own class, Jan!! How to be the most organized artist EVER!!!! I love it ALL many wonderful things, I would love to look inside each and every container. And I'm so honored that my artwork is in your studio! Just gorgeous sweet friend ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Good morning. First off, my stomach hurts from laughing! You are funny. I thought your space was awesome!!!!!! Loved everything, I want to come over right now. I'll go downstairs and get those snowballs and coffee for you! I am now a new follower, thanks so much for sharing.Thanks for your visit to my blog because that's how I found you. Have a good Saturday, we our on our knees praying for some rain. Susan

  3. Hi girl~
    I think your studio represents you in every way. You have some pretty things displayed, not too much, just the most special pieces. Then art from people you love, & some beautiful feminine pieces too. And all of it organized like something straight off HGTV! I just want to come over & snoop in those boxes:)
    PS You must get a migraine when you are in my studio, LOL

  4. Good morning Jan. WOW....your space is awesome and I laughed so hard reading your post. I want to come over right now for a visit!! I'll go and get the coffee and the snowballs. I loved all of your stuff and how it was organized. Your room is so bright and welcoming. Thanks for stopping by for a visit because that's how I found you. I am now a follower. Have a great Saturday,we are on our knees praying for some rain here. Susan

  5. Jan what is not pretty about this space???? and my so organized!! Love that sweet little felt crown creation of yours!

    I have a new little creative space for me thanks to all the years of visiting all those wonderful Where Women Create parties- would love for you to come by for a wee visit!

    bee blessed

  6. Thanks for sharing your studio space! I cannot believe how proficient you are at organizing all of your supplies! I feel like I could come to your house to shop for what I need rather than go to Michaels Craft store! How awesome!

    stop by to visit with me's my first year linking up with WBC.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. jan, girl, I don't know what you're talking about ... (please excuse this stranger talking to you like an old friend). Your space is beautiful and neat and organized and it looks like you have places for your eyes to rest and dream up new creations. I am in awe. My space looks like a whirlwind passed through....

  8. This is a really nice functional and pretty space.Not too much clutter to drive a [person mad with all that dusting! I LOVE that bench.I would design a room like this if I had the money. Justy gorgeous.Everything has its place..well done!!

  9. Hope your shoulder feels better soon. You must be a perfectionist or just needed that cup of coffee because your place looks great to me.

  10. You have such a neat and organized space. It must be easy to find whatever you are searching for while creating your projects. Lovely studio space. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Oh my gosh, you are SO organized! I especially enjoyed the sparkly picture of the things you made in front of the window. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Hi Jan,

    Great space! It's so neat and organized and really calming. Ahhhh.... Feel better from your surgery!

    Sharon :-)

  13. Wow that store room. It's amazing. Love all the little touches. You are really a funny girl. I was laughing through the whole description.Hope your shoulder gets better quick!

  14. Now I know where to come to learn how to get organized--I thought I was doing pretty good till now. This is fantastic!
    I love your hallway vignette's. The bird you made is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Oh my gosh Jan... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your store room!! It all looks exactly like I pictured it would look, Neat and organized and oh so you!! It's perfect! Thank you so much sharing with everyone!!!

  16. You are organized like me!!! Cool way to store your ribbons...and your punch collection is great!!! Thanks for sharing!! hugs

  17. Your room is gorgeous and I love how organized it is. I would love to have your store room but my hubby would add the $$ and be nervous! My hubby supports my crafting but doesn't have a clue to how much it costs, he is the mizer in the family, a gift. I enjoyed your blog post.

  18. A kindred spirit! I love my label maker too!!! I adore how organized everything is. Your space is just beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  19. Wow Jan - love everything. It's looks so organized and efficient to work in. Your felt crown is so cute... I want to make one of my baby Jesus - if you visit my blog you can see him. Take care.


  20. Can I PLEASE come shop in your "store room"?? or I would be happy just coming over to play! Wow what an awesome space you have. super organized and so neat. my husband would love you - he sweats when he comes into my room as I have so much stuff. Not like you don't have a lot - it is just cleverly hidden! Enjoyed visiting your space. cheers.

  21. Oh WOW! What a gorgeous clean space! I love the cabinets, drawers and baskets! I'm an organisation freak, even if my space doesn't show it! :) Thank you for your comment on my blog too! Hugs! Cindy :)

  22. Whew..... how in the world do you keep it so neat and tidy? Amazing and I love your organization.... Yes the green-eyed monster is turning is his head....

    All kidding aside - your space is so beautiful! I will be back to see what fun you create in there!

    Take care,

  23. Oh Jan, I do hope you're feeling better soon... what a tour, despite the pain! Your space is awesome, SOOOO organized! Love the vignette at the window!

  24. OMG how clean and organized
    my studio looks like a swirl wind just went through
    this is encouging me to get it all put away nice and neat
    thanks for sharing
    love your ribbons hanging like you have them

  25. Love it all, Jan! Your storage is amazing. It must be so great to have a place for everything and to be able to close doors on it. Love your desk area ~ so much room to spread out. Thanks for sharing your tour!

  26. I am giddy just looking at your space! So organized! So many wonderful drawers and containers so everything has a home! I love that! That corner with the window is lovely! I think I need to go make a felt crown! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Hey Batman! What neat toys you have! OMG Jan I have to remember to give you a hazmat suit when you come into my studio. I think you'll go into riggers!! I have never seen a studio organized so. I think Dawn is right, you do need to teach a class in organization! We need to hit Canton when it gets cooler and get you more stuff. But really it looks wonderful and I know you worked really hard on it, WITH a bad shoulder! I think you deserve a snowball!!xoxo-cindy

  28. WOW WOW what a wonderful room.
    It is so neat. would love to be that neat.
    Be safe and Dream big

  29. Fabulous craft room. So organized. I love it and my favorite is the tiered piece with the felt crown on top. I love that with all the eye candy laying in there. I am a new follower.

  30. Wow, what a lovely organized room. Fabulous skills in storage and arranging! My basement sewing rooms look like a nightmare usually. I hid things so I could take nicer pictures for WBC. Wish I had your talent for organization!! Great job.
    Thanks for sharing,

  31. I think your rooms are just amazing!! I would love to have all that space. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  32. Hello Jan!
    I'm so excited to be able to visit your wonderful craft room and 'store'! You have such a great space. I love your sense of humor, and I'm now a follower.
    Look forward to getting to know you better,

  33. Jan,
    Are you kiddin'? Your space is BOTH pretty and organized! I love seeing how everything is sorted and labeled. I love my label maker too! Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon. Thanks for sharing your amazing spaces!

  34. After reading your post, I braced myself . . . but your workspace is beautiful!! And incredibly organized. Makes me want to get in there and riffle through those drawers of goodies.

  35. I hope by now you are feeling better. that being said, I wish I were half as organized as you on your worst day! Your rooms are amazing and you have the best storage stuff, I am so envious! You have created some lovely pieces and I would never know you just began working in mixed media, you are incredibly talented! Thanks for sharing your space, especially since you were hurting so badly. I really enjoyed it.

  36. What a beautiful AND organized space!! I'm envious, and will be taking away some ideas for my space ~
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  37. I for one LOVE your crafting space, it's so streamlined and organised - I could totally create in here! Thanks for sharing it's nice to be among frends with gorgeous rooms!

  38. Are you kidding? Not pretty? This is [so far] the best craft area I have seen!
    Love the uncluttered look! I could only wish for a room your size - it is HUGE. TFS - that was a treat!

  39. You have a gorgeous craft room! Yes, you're very well organized, but I also think your space is beautiful! I can only dream of being that organized. I know I need two rooms myself; slowly working towards that.
    Thanks for a great tour.

  40. Your space is very pretty! Love how organized you are!
    Thanks so much for the tour ♥ ஆ

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